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Is that website down right now? Or it's just me?

Are you unsure if the website you can't access is down for everyone or it's just you? Is that site, or its single page in some way blocked just for you? Or it has actually gone offline by timing out and therefore is not accessible to anyone else?

Checking is easy: type any web-address (URL) into the search field below and check out instantly whether that web site (single page, service or any Internet-based app) isn't
resolving for everyone right now, or it is blocked and inaccessible just for you.

Be sure to distinguish between standard http:// and secure encrypted https:// protocols by submitting URLs of websites, single web pages, images apps and any other online documents.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014: Recent uptime requests (domain names only, list is updated every 30 minutes):

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Website blocked? Why? What can I do when I'm blocked from a certain website and which VPN service is the best for me to get unblocked?

Everyone encounters it every now and then - you want to visit your favorite website, yet somehow it seems to be down or inaccessible.
Most people would check their own internet connection and local network functionality first, which is surely advisable. However, very often a website's inaccessibility, outage or timing out
aren't caused by the user himself. There are many reasons why a site could be down or blocked for anyone.

Let's see why a website outage happens in the first place. There are many possible causes for this to happen.
These are the most frequent reasons of a website's downtime, outage and temporary inaccessibility... Learn more about why a website can be down or get blocked.

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